How do you think?

We all think to some extent, but do we do it the same? I work in IT where we have a range of people who are all meant to be intelligent.  When we discuss ideas, it can get quite heated which usually happens when people get the wrong end of the stick. What happens is… Read More »

Wage Slave – its not a smart soundbite, its actually true

‘Wage Slave’, ‘Rat Race’ and thousands of other smug little terms for being an employee owe far more to what they are implying than most people are willing to admit. When we think of historic slaves, we think of the hollywood image of a bunch of innocent natives of Africa being hunted by vicious slave… Read More »

Theory of the age of civilisation

I wanted to put some ideas into print, so this post is just a few ideas that I want to build into something useful, eventually. We know that humans first started wearing clothes 180,000 years ago.  We also know that we learnt to write 5000 years ago. Everything that has happened since, has been confirmed… Read More »

Powershell – changing parameters at the file name

Powershell is for scripting, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with sloppy coding.  You should never write more than you need to and you need to be able to reuse as much as possible. This means you write small little modules that do a few things, rather than one huge script that only… Read More »

How to view a government petition breakdown using Powershell

In the UK we have a petition system where anyone can set up a petition and if it reaches 100K names, the subject gets debated in Parliament. Its an idea that gets misused by various lobby groups and there are often news stories where some political idea gets forced into debate by a group who… Read More »

Proof of the past is under your feet

People like to travel. It has always been true, and is the reason we no longer live in Africa as a species. The easiest way from one place to another is via a path. If enough people use that path and it becomes a road. Eventually, the people will spend their own time and effort… Read More »

Welcome 2017

This is the first post of my new blog. I’ve hosted blogs before.  I like to share ideas but have never given the publishing element enough effort.  That changes this time. I have two ideas that keep my attention. One is how old is civilisation in the west?  When did we really start to live… Read More »